New Major Release: Intellidact LBX™ 1.2

Orlando, Florida ( May 2017 ) – Computing System Innovations (CSI) is very pleased to announce the latest major release of Intellidact LBX. This release includes all the technological benefits of our initial release, as well as feature enhancements that will change the way organizations process data on structured, semi-structured and unstructured documents.

 Introducing: Intellidact LBX v1.2

The “Lights Out” Automated Document Processing Solution

Intellidact LBX v1.2 offers new key features, that will enhance productivity and elevate  performance.

Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) Locator

Intellidact LBX v1.2 has the ability to extract or redact information where check-boxes, “X’s”, “fill in circles”, etc. are used on forms or unstructured documents to indicate the presence of information. This advanced feature gives you the power to automatically process documents containing optical marks without the use of expensive OMR scanning equipment or forms processing software.

Zonal Processing

Traditional Zonal OCR software allows users to process structured documents where the data fields appear in fixed locations. Our advanced machine learning engine takes zonal processing a step further! Intellidact LBX v1.2 offers a user definable solution that enables you to create zones without having data present on semi-structured or structured text processing.

User-Definable Field Grouping

Easily define and set data field grouping with Intellidact LBX. Version 1.2  allows multiple instances of data to be extracted, preserving relationships that exist between items on both single and multi-page documents.

Table Data Extraction

Tired of relying on data entry staff or cumbersome forms processing tools, to locate and extract key pieces of information embedded in tables on your documents? Our fifth-generation machine learning software allows for automatic extraction of repeat data items that occur in columns in table format.

What makes Intellidact LBX so great?

Our product features state-of-the-art, fifth-generation machine learning engine that allows users to easily create, benchmark, and refine document classification, data extraction, and data redaction. The goal of Intellidact LBX v1.2 is to empower our customers by giving them the tools to perform “lights out” automated document processing with total confidence.

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