Intellidact AI

Supercharge document processing and identity protection

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The Automated Solution You've Been Looking For.

With Intellidact AI, automate your processes of protecting private information, identifying & organizing important data, and using virtual bots to make your document processing easier — all without lifting a finger through the use of fifth-generation artificial intelligence technology.

Accelerate Document Workflows

Manage and Automate Digital Processes

Eliminate Human Error

Data Redaction

Your organization can be confident that it is in full compliance with new privacy laws and protected from the risk of fraud and identity theft using a fully scalable, flexible, easy-to-use and accurate enterprise solution designed to meet the needs of your organization.

Data Extraction

Eliminate manual document review and automatically extract structured document management system data from any document filing. Intellidact AI provides advanced artificial intelligence to understand your unique documents and specific data extraction requirements.

Document Classification

Intellidact AI provides advanced artificial intelligence to automatically classify and validate documents by both layout and content, minimizing human review and enabling automatic routing.

Process Automation

Increase staff efficiency and reduce data entry labor using Intellidact AI’s software robots that navigate your system application making data-based decisions then performing data entry with zero errors.

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