Intellidact Process Automation™

Automate any document management system, any workflow, using data from any electronic document

Intellidact Process Automation is the better, faster alternative to manual data entry, macros, or outsourcing. Intellidact Process Automation provides you with software functionality that provides superior outcomes and the highest levels of accuracy.

Key Features

Hire Power

Intellidact RPA allows you to employ software “bots” that are a cost-effective alternative to adding to your headcount or custom programing.

Automation for Core Platforms

The system is capable of automating data entry tasks inside of any document management platform.

Intellidact LBX Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Intellidact LBX Learn By Example, for data extraction.

Eliminate Human Error

Intellidact Process Automation allows your staff to teach the system to navigate applications the same way a human would with guaranteed accuracy.

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