AI™ Classification

Classification for Healthcare

Optimize Quality of Care and Reduce Costs with Intellidact Classification!

Intellidact Classification™ software is used to accurately classify healthcare records, allowing you to quickly recall data from your EHR system.

Why Use Automated Classification for Patient Records and Registration?

Every day, healthcare organizations digitize and/or classify both paper and electronic documents and forms as they arrive. The challenge lies in finding a workflow solution which allows quick identification and recall of patient records without facing burdensome amounts of time-consuming and error-prone manual work to deliver that content.

Automated classification ensures that charts and individual forms are accurately identified. The result: faster, smoother and more reliable healthcare processes with less frustration and higher satisfaction for patients and providers.


Why Intellidact Classification™?

Intellidact Classification can be trained to automatically classify both structured and free-text documents with high accuracy. Intellidact also allows you to not only classify documents by layout, but also content.

Intellidact Classification offers unique key features giving you a flexible expert system for healthcare records!


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Key Features

Document Processing

Using content and content-based algorithms Intellidact Classification allows users to process structured forms as well as free-text documents with high accuracy.

Fifth-Generation Engine

State of the art machine learning technology allows you to classify new document types as they come in.

User Trainable System

User Controlled Machine Learning keeps you from exposing documents and data to software vendor solutions that only provide offsite learning and deliver fragile regular expression rules based systems. No programming knowledge required.

Benchmark Accuracy

Our solution takes the guesswork out of the training and testing process with our benchmarking tool, which allows users to monitor system performance and accuracy.

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