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Our products are proven solutions that are revolutionizing the way people solve their information security issues – every day. And our passion for this mission makes us strive to build even better solutions for you – every day.

Intellidact Platform

Our technology platform is a suite of applications that supercharge document processing and identity protection with artificial intelligence technology.

Data Redaction

Your organization can be confident that it is in full compliance with new privacy laws and protected from the risk of fraud and identity theft using a fully scalable, flexible, easy-to-use and accurate pdf redaction software enterprise solution, designed to meet the needs of your organization. Intellidact serves as an automated redaction software with the ability to handle mass  redaction pdf projects.

Data Extraction

Eliminate manual document review and automatically extract structured document management system data from any document filing. Intellidact AI software provides advanced machine learning to understand your unique documents and specific data extraction requirements. Intellidact provides an automated extraction software solution with the ability to handle mass extraction pdf projects.

Document Classification

Intellidact automatic document classification software provides advanced machine learning to automatically classify and validate documents by both layout and content, minimizing human review and enabling automatic routing. Intellidact provides an automated classification software solution with the ability to handle mass classification pdf projects.

Process Automation

Increase staff efficiency and reduce data entry labor using Intellidact Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Intellidact RPA provides software robots that navigate your case management system application making data-based decisions then performing data entry with zero errors. Intellidact provides a high volume document processing software solution with the ability to handle mass pdf projects powered by AI.

We had to look at an alternative which would be a better solution for us and get it right the first time around… My advice is to go with the company that knows what they’re doing, that’s experienced, and has a proven track record.

Ken Burke, CPA

Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller, Pinellas County, Florida

We're constantly looking for ways in which we're able to service the judiciary and the public easier, faster more accurate, and as a result of that we've looked to CSI for about 14 years.

Sharon R. Bock, Esq.

Clerk and Comptroller, Palm Beach County, Florida