Intellidact AI™ Data Extraction

Transform Free-form Documents into High Accuracy Structured Data

Intellidact AI Extraction offers 5th generation artificial intelligence technology. Our trainable advanced data extraction solution saves vast amounts of time and money by streamlining electronic document handling within your workflows. Advanced machine learning, combined with our sophisticated user interface, allows for easy definition, training, benchmarking and refinement of data.

Key Features

Fifth-Generation Engine

The future of machine learning software is here! Intellidact AI offers the latest generation of machine learning technology built on a commercially proven foundation.

Extraction Designer

The Intellidact AI user interface is anything but a “black box”; users can tag, train, test, benchmark accuracy and debug any knowledgebase within the system.

Continuous Active Learning™

Our document extraction AI provides ongoing real-time learning, adds new knowledge, and removes outdated knowledge – allowing our expert system to maintain accuracy as documents change over time.

User Trainable Technology

Intellidact Artificial Intelligence (AI) extraction software replaces manual human document processing with that of advanced cognitive software. Intellidact AI includes both supervised and reinforced learning technologies.

Document Tagging & Training

Business analysts upload sample documents and tag key pieces of information they wish to extract or index. Intellidact AI uses statistical analysis and algorithms to create a knowledgebase that allows it to find the data on new documents as they come into the system.

Shadow Benchmarking™

Automatic benchmarking of most recent reinforced learning knowledge vs current production system knowledge. Results are accuracy changes that occur if reinforced knowledge is promoted to the production system. System administrators can now make informed decisions as to knowledge updates, removing the risks of using knowledge updates.

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