Healthcare Data Extraction

Accelerate Healthcare Records!

Intellidact AI™ software is used to accurately classify, extract, and transform unstructured information on documents into discrete clinical EHR data.

Why Automate Electronic Health Record Data Processing?

Health information management (HIM) professionals rely on electronic medical records to make critical patient care decisions and provide quality care. Often, the information required to make the proper decisions is dispersed among lab results, freeform clinical information and physical exam reports. HIM professionals are faced with the task of locating those items within separate systems and manually extracting key information for input into the EHR. The challenge is that this process must be complete, accurate, protected, and delivered rapidly.

In an industry where speed, efficiency, and accuracy is vital, automated software solutions are the key to success. Automation speeds the process, while also providing a rigorous method for perfecting data extraction and validation.


Why Intellidact AI™?

Our trainable data extraction solution, Intellidact AI, saves vast amounts of time and money by streamlining the processing of healthcare information. Software assists the process by extracting existing relevant information (thereby eliminating duplicate data entry) and enabling the validation of the smallest data segments with intuitive interfaces and workflows.

Supervised machine learning, combined with our simple user interface, allows HIM professionals to easily train, test, and benchmark initial system accuracy. Continuous Active Learning™ constantly samples production metrics and automatically refines the system’s knowledge to maximize accuracy.

Intellidact AI offers unique key features that transform EHR handling.


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Key Features

Continuous Active Learning™

Ongoing real time learning adds new knowledge and removes outdated knowledge allowing our expert system to maintain accuracy as documents change over time.


Our machine learning technology comes with a medical knowledgebase for processing labs and reports. Intellidact AI also supports knowledgebase exchange, allowing you to import and export to fit your needs.

Extraction designer

The Intellidact AI user interface is anything but a “black box”; users can tag, train, test, benchmark accuracy and debug any knowledgebase in the system.

Fifth-Generation Technology

The future of machine learning software is here! Intellidact AI offers the latest generation of machine learning technology built on a commercially proven foundation.

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