Data Redaction for Healthcare

Maintain HIPAA Compliance with Intellidact Redaction!

Intellidact Redaction™ software is used to accurately maintain HIPAA Safe Harbor compliance by removing PHI and PII information from structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.

Why Use Automated Redaction Within your Healthcare Organization?

In today’s digital age, protection of PHI & PII information is critical, in addition to HIPAA Safe Harbor compliance for lab results. Sanitizing patient records, medical documents and scanned photo IDs on patient registration records can be time-consuming, expensive, and often rely on manual processing to get the job done, leaving room for error.

Machine learning – automated redaction software ensures that each piece of personally identifiable information is removed from every patient record, with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.


Why Intellidact Redaction™?

Intellidact Redaction, America’s gold standard in intelligent redaction for healthcare, consistently returns the highest accuracy rating in the industry with the least amount of manual validation required.

Intellidact Redaction offers unique key features that take the guesswork out of healthcare privacy protection!


We guarantee 100% privacy. We will not share your information.

Key Features

Future Proofing

Protects against changing privacy requirements while saving time and money with one time document processing.

Paragraph Content Locator

Identifies and redacts HIPAA-regulated pieces of information and specific lab tests and results embedded in paragraphs on clinical reports and labs.

Native PDF & PDF/A support

PDF metadata inspection and removal ensures that PII, PHI, and PCI DSS information is protected.

GPU Processing

Processing healthcare records and patient reports just got a whole lot faster! Intellidact Redaction offers GPU processing, allowing you to process thousands of pages per second.

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