The Self-Service Portal to CSI’s Redaction Service

For many law firms, the need for a redaction solution is critical to your business, but document volumes are simply not high enough, or are too sporadic to justify the purchase of a dedicated in-house solution. Likewise, the pricing model for most service bureau redaction solutions is typically geared for organizations that generate substantial document volumes. Even desktop redaction solutions can be costly, and there is still considerable time and energy that must be invested to train staff on new software, yet you may only have the need to use it once a week or even just once a month.

As an attorney, you are responsible for protecting your clients’ sensitive information from identity theft and fraud through the use of redaction. However, the time and resources needed to accomplish this task can be overwhelming. How do you comply with legislative mandates to redact PII (personally identifiable information) without it consuming your staff’s resources? What would it mean to your law firm if your staff no longer had to redact documents? And what if you never had to worry about missed or improper redactions ever again?

The answer is iRedact™ redaction for attorneys – your own self-service portal to CSI’s Intellidact Redaction Service. iRedact lets you upload documents for redaction and conversion to 100% compliant s/PDF via your own secure web portal. From there, the experts at CSI handle the entire redaction and s/PDF conversion process. With iRedact, you will have the confidence of knowing that your sensitive documents are being secured by the full force of our sophisticated Intellidact® technology – the same technology used by local, state and federal government entities throughout the U.S. There is no new infrastructure to implement, no software investment, and no learning curve. It is that easy!

We guarantee 100% privacy. We will not share your information.

Key Features

Safe and Secure

Produces Adobe 100% Compliant s/PDFs

No Infrastructure Investment

Pay-as-you-go Plans to Fit Your Budget

How it Works

With iRedact, you will have a private encrypted web portal that you will use to upload the TIFF, PDF, GIF or JPEG documents requiring redaction. (iRedact supports most standard image file formats.) After you upload your files, the documents are processed through the powerful Intellidact system, which automatically analyzes all document images using advanced character recognition engines and sophisticated proprietary technology to locate and identify all of the unstructured data the images contain – such as social security numbers, passport numbers, driver’s license numbers, tax ID numbers, bank account numbers, minor names, birth dates, credit card numbers, addresses, etc.

Intellidact will then automatically perform data extraction and redaction to the text you specify, the redacted images can be sent to CSI experts to ensure that everything was redacted properly and completely. Once your documents have been redacted in accordance with your criteria, the redacted image copies will be uploaded back to you via your private iRedact portal where you may download them to your system knowing that the redactions you require are complete and correct.

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