AI™ Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation for Mortgage Industry

Eliminate Errors and Reduce Data Entry Costs with Intellidact Process Automation!

Intellidact AI™ Process Automation software allows you to automate any document management and LOS system, any workflow, using data from any electronic document.


Why Use Process Automation for Mortgage Documents?

Financial systems have brought the mortgage industry into the digital age. However, it has also increased the need for data entry and review staff as hundreds, if not thousands of documents arrive daily. Many real estate finance professionals are faced with the challenge of providing rapid access to documents; while maintaining office efficiency, personnel costs, and data integrity.

Mortgage workflow automation provides a “do it yourself” tool that reduces the amount of time and manpower required to get the job done.



Why Intellidact Process Automation™?

Intellidact AI™ is the better, faster alternative to manual data entry, macros, or outsourcing. Intellidact AI Process Automation provides you with software functionality that provides superior outcomes and the highest levels of accuracy.

Intellidact AI™ offers unique key features that allow you to process mortgage records 24x7x365!


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Key Features

Hire Power

Intellidact AI allows you to employ software “bots” that are a cost-effective alternative to adding to your headcount or custom programming.

Automation for Core Platforms

Capable of automating data entry tasks inside of any workflow process.

Intellidact AI Integration

Seamlessly integrates with Intellidact AI, for data extraction.

Eliminate Human Error

Intellidact RPA allows your recording staff to teach the system to navigate applications the same way a human would with guaranteed accuracy.

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