AI™ Redaction

Data Redaction for Recorders

Maintain Privacy Protection Compliance with Intellidact Redaction!

Intellidact Redaction™ software is used to accurately maintain state and federal mandated privacy laws by removing sensitive information from both structured and unstructured data.

Why Use Automated Redaction Within your Recorder’s Office?

Time, money and mandates. Local, state and federal offices are strapped for the first two, and feeling increasing pressure to comply with the latter. How can recorders continue to operate in a “do more with less” environment, while meeting increasingly stringent regulations to protect the private data contained within the documents they manage from fraud and identify theft? And how do they balance the fine line between privacy and disclosure?

Automated redaction ensures that each piece of personally identifiable information is removed from every case document, with 100% accuracy, 100% of the time.


Why Intellidact Redaction™?

Intellidact Redaction, America’s gold standard in intelligent redaction, consistently returns the highest accuracy rating in the industry with the least amount of manual validation required.

Intellidact Redaction offers unique key features that take the guess work out of privacy protection!


We guarantee 100% privacy. We will not share your information.

Key Features

Future Proofing

Intellidact AI consistently samples production metrics and automatically refines the system’s knowledge to maximize accuracy

Paragraph Content Locator

Solution features a universal document interface that requires zero software development

Native PDF & PDF/A support

The Intellidact AI user interface is anything but a “black box”; users can tag, train, test, benchmark accuracy and debug any knowledgebase in the system.

GPU Processing

State of the art machine learning technology allows you to import and export various knowledge bases

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